Higgins Family in the U.S.A.

Morris and Catherine Higgins spent the rest of their lives in Hudson. Catherine died in 1863 of “dropsy,” in modern terms, congestive heart failure. Morris worked at the Hudson Gas Works until his death in 1879 from a “knotting of the intestines,” an intestinal tumor that may have been cancerous. They are both buried in the Hudson City Cemetery.  I have copies of the pages from the cemetery office’s interment books that show their names.  Sadly, there is no headstone. Either there never was one, or it might have fallen over and gotten embedded in the earth.

Morris and Catherine’s Surviving Children:

Ellen, Morris Jr., John, Cornelius and Michael

Cornelius James (born 1844 in Ireland). Cornelius was brought to the U.S. in 1854 by his sister Helen (also known as Ellen). Cornelius married Bridget McGovern (born July 7, 1849) in Hudson. They eventually moved to Hartford, CT, where they raised six children, all of whom spent the rest of their lives in Hartford, most of them living on Asylum Street. Here they are:

-Kathryn Frances, married Edward Young Reid. Children: Helen, Kathryn, Edward, William and Jane.

-John Francis, married Margaret Carroll. Children: John Francis Jr. and Mary Elizabeth (My grandfather made a note saying that John Francis Jr. went on to have five children, and that he was the only one to carry on the Higgins name.)

-Thomas – never married, died at 66 of a fall down subway stairs.

-Maurice – never married, as far as I know.

-Cornelius James Jr., married Pluma Decker. Children: Julia, Margaret, Kathryn.

-Michael Joseph, married Louise Balf. Children: Louise and Alice.


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